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I have come to realise that I had been shopping a lot but without a real sense of organization. I bought a tank top just because I liked it and once at home I realised I really didn't have a bottom that matched it. And I love to buy different pieces of clothing or accessories, something really catchy, edgy and over the top. And again I just couldn't come up with something to wear with it. My closet urged for organization, what to keep and what to give away, and what to put on the bottom drawer. I had to start recording what were the outfits that suited me best, my favorites, so I could come back to them whenever I wanted without getting lost in the tons of clothing collected throughout the years.

Polyvore became my salvation buoy. I have started recording there the sets that I most liked to wear in the past months. It has also served as a laboratory to experiement certain items that I have seen in the stores before actually buying them. And also as an inspiration by browsing throughout the many sets created by the very talented community users. I created my profile Fashination in November 2010 and I have kept it updated as often as I can.

The Polyvore Community is boiling with talented members that never seize to inspire and impress me. Many Polyfriendships have developed since I first started on Polyvore. It is an interesting relationship between people who have never met in person but who like to share their creativeness and kindly comment on each other work. I wanted to bring to this blog a way to highlight those Polyfriends that so often have inspired me as a way of recognition of their amazing creativity. So I created the Polyfriend of the week as a manner to put the spotlight in them.

I'm continuously thinking of other features to include in this blog, which I will try to keep everyone updated about.

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