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Mulberry Jewelled Lily

So Mulberry is probably one of my favorite bags brand. The variety of their designs and the extreme care given to the quality of their materials and work origin a reliable and durable bag. There's a style for everyone and the color range is beautiful. Their prices actually reflect that care and quality, and you can get a one week stay in a Caribbean resort for the same price as their cheapest model. Definitely is out of my league as I have other priorities. Either way it is always a pleasure to browse their online store.

Anyway, speaking of expensive items, Mulberry has a new release that is the fuss around the blogger community. They gave a sparkle to their Lily bag and turned into Jewelled Lily! This sparkling handmade Lily takes to the Somerset Factory crew about 18 hours to produce. They hand applied over 3000 pieces in the natural oak leather, from which 2596 are Swarovski crystals and 460 are Mulberry rivets. As any handmade product each one of this limited edition bags is unique. And so is the price, reaching an asonishing €4.400,00.

Mulberry Jewelled Lily 1
Mulberry Jewelled Lily 2
Mulberry Jewelled Lily 3
Mulberry Jewelled Lily 4

The opinion amongst the bloggers is divided and this jewel of the crown, as Mulberry calls it, is capable of erousing the strongest feelings, being either hated or loved. From my side I truly love it! I really appreciate the hard work given to this bag! It is a luxury item that I would have if I could afford it.

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