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Midsummer Celebration Contest

Midsummer is a beautiful celebration that takes about 4 days around the Summer Solstice. It's a time for renewal, for prayer, for family and joy!
Many European countries celebrate this natural event as a festival of fertility when magical things occur. Bonfires are lit, everyone wears a crown made of spring wildflowers and many wishes and prayers are made for the future. There's music and dancing around the maypole.

I always look forward to this time of the year! I love to make the crown made of flowers, and to wear fresh lacy dress and to walk barefoot on the grass! It's a beautiful time always very emotional!

So I decided that for my first contest, I would dare all my dear trend makers to make beautiful sets under the Midsummer Celebration theme! You must use at least one photo from my collection of beautiful pictures of girls with flower crows in their heads, and the rest is up to your wonderful talent!

The three best sets get featured right here at Fashination blog for a whole week. And for the 1st place winner gets also featured as Polyfriend of the Week + an interview to get to know you better! So let's start the celebration!!

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