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Fashion is often seen as a dictatorship where some people dictate the years trends to a bunch of followers. I see fashion as an inspiration for each one of us to experiment and develop our own personal trends.

For me nothing goes out of fashion, it just goes to the bottom drawer to rest for a couple of years!

From what I see on the street, fashion is a statement, a personalized look in an overpopulated world. We need to feel unique, to give a twist to the trends. And that's what I like to do every single day.

By surfing on the web I get the latest information on trend reports and news. So the blog had to come as the main recorder for what I found on the web that I loved most. It is not only a diary, but a way to share information that really matters.

This is an ongoing learning and creative process and probably many changes will be done. This blog version is not even the 100th since I first started it. But creatives are just like that, we often need to change in order to keep alive.


My name's Marta and I'm an Interior Designer, Decorative Painter and Art Restorer. My fashion addiction led me to create my own line of accessories "oosh" which was on a hiatus for a while but is returning with new items. But my strongest passion in life is sailing. Besides sailing every time I have a chance, I lived on a sailboat for some years sailing mostly in Central and South America where I got in touch with very different cultures and communities. I've lived in the United States, Brazil and Italy and visited a few Mediterranean countries. I feel the mixture of all the inspiration running in my veins while I visit other countries and meet other people. I am expressive but somewhat reserved and very, very, observant. I love painting and photographing.

This blog was designed by me by adapting a template to my needs. I like to work on about anything I get my hands on, as long as it requires creativity and designing skills.

I trully hope you enjoy my blog and that in each visit you can take something new.

Feel free to use any of the posted images as long as you keep Fashination in the credits.

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