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BEAUTY TIPS: Curly Curls

Big news for all girls with curvy or curly hair: curls and waves are here to stay for this Summer! So give a rest to your flat iron and take a tour on how to have perfect curls!

We are living an 80's revivalism, and of course curls had to come with it. I remember back then as a kid browsing through Vogue's pages and looking at the pictures of models with their beautiful long curly hair. And I really realized the concept of Fashion when I saw the rock band guys wearing also their hair long and with curls. It was a trend back then, and curls are back to being a trend again!

For those girls that do not have any curls and really want it there are many ways to get them either in a temporary or in a more permanent way. You can choose to go to the hairdresser where they can give you permanent curls in the intensity you would like. Or you can use some methods at home that can give you a temporary curly look. Here's a few:

1. For really intense curls use a curl mousse, hair-pins and A-LOT-OF-PATIENCE! Check this video by beauty4fashion (don't mind the green tongue guy...!). For a less intense look check kaaatttmarie's video.
2. For overnight wavy hair check fiercelytasha's video, where she braids her hair and sleeps over it!
3. The heated method curls lasts longer so check out MakeupByTiffanyD's video where she used a curling iron.

So once you have your curls note that if you want it to look good you need to put your time into it. Curly hair takes some maintenance and if you do it right you'll look as perfect as the stars! There's are a bunch of great products that you can use at home to enhance your curls and make them look smooth and hydrated.

Here's some tips on how to have your curls looking it's best:

1. You mustn't use a  brush on curly hair because it will break and frizz your curls. Comb it instead using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers putting your head down to keep it's volume.
2. Curls need moisture to keep it's shape so you may either use one of the products in the market especially created for curly hair, or a nutmeg of body moisturizer (without any alcohol) and spread it gently through your hair with the tips of your fingers.
3. Style your hair while wet and avoid using hairdryers, since the heat will break your curls and remove all the moisture. Leave it to air dry and resist touching it. This will allow your curls to keep it's shape for longer.
4. Do not go to sleep with wet hair, since your curls will loose it's form. Braid it instead in 3 sections.
5. During the day you can use a sea-salt spray to have your curls regain their shape.

GHD has high quality products for your curls at really great prices!

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