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- noun
1. a person who has the power or action of fashinating.
2. a person who authoritatively prescribes conduct, usage.
3. a person who has a fashinating quality; powerful attraction; charm.

Of course the above is just a joke, but the concept is there: Fashinators are people who fascinate me with their amazing sense of Fashion.

That is why I have created four different features in my blog that are fully dedicated to the Fashinators in the Polyvore community. For those of you who don't know what Polyvore is about make sure you don't miss it and check both my page about it and their website!

Polyfriend of the week - Through my months in Polyvore I have made quite a few Polyfriends that have inspired me with their sets. This is why my first feature is dedicated to the Polyvore members that are true Fashinators! I pick one weekly and make an interview, so everyone passing by can have a closer view of the Fashinator behind the sets!

Collection of the week - Among the many Collections in Polyvore made by their members I pick every week one to feature in my blog.

Top Sets of the Week - Those of us who already have browsed the Polyvore community have realised that there are many, many incredible sets. That's why I had to start creating a weekly collection of the my favorite 7 sets from the past week.

Contests - Most of the time I try to be very active in the groups I am a member especially when there is a Contest. I believe contests are a very healthy competition that challenges my creativity and makes me grow as a Polyvore proud member. Therefore I promote here the most interesting contests.

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